Charts Blast: FAQ

Jul 26, 2021

YouTube Charts allows you to see what the hottest artists, songs and music videos from around the world are. We occasionally update our Charts criteria — check here for general information about our charts.

Charts Blast Newsletter: United States

Top Songs

  • The Top Songs chart highlights the number of views of a song on YouTube. It’s calculated by combining all official versions of a song including:
  • The official music video
  • YouTube Music streams
  • User-made videos with the official song
  • Lyric videos

Top Trending

  • The Trending chart highlights new videos that were immediately popular upon release.
  • YouTube's Trending Chart is updated many times a day which you can find here, but trending data in the newsletter is a snapshot in time of the Friday prior and will not be reflective of the position on the website.

Biggest Movers

  • Songs which have had the biggest jump week-on-week on Top Songs chart
  • This category excludes new songs released the week prior

Highest Debuts

  • Songs that have had the highest debut of the week on 'Top Songs' chart.

Top Music Videos

  • The Top Music Videos chart celebrates the music video experience on YouTube, highlighting the most viewed official music videos on the platform.