Content strategies

There are two main strategies to consider when it comes to YouTube content strategy for songwriters, producers, music publishers, PROs and societies: content curation and content creation.

Content curation

Content curation is an excellent way to add content to your channel with no uploading required. Think of content curation as the practice of harnessing the examples of your work and catalogue that are already live on the YouTube platform, uploaded by other users (e.g. user-generated content or an official music video uploaded by a record label). For example, think about songs that you have written or that you represent that have been released by artists, especially those songs with accompanying music videos. Although the artist has released the video on their own channel, you have the ability to curate it on your personal channel as well.

Tip: Without uploading any new content, you can thoughtfully organise your body of work or the body of work you represent into a beautiful and comprehensive visual discography on your YouTube channel.

Playlist ideas for content curation:

  • Music videos of songs that you have written or represent
  • Fan-made videos featuring songs that you have written or represent (such as dance videos or lip syncs)
  • Cover versions of songs that you have written or represent
  • Remixes of songs that you have written or represent
  • Lyric videos of songs that you have written or represent
  • Highlights like new releases, hits, chart achievements or hidden catalogue gems
  • Sync placements
  • Educational appearances, panels, speeches or workshops
  • Footage from live shows

Content creation

Content creation involves creating and uploading original video content to your channel. Content creation takes channel customisation one step beyond content curation, allowing for a deeper, more personal way to connect with those visiting your channel.

Tip: Include a mix of both curated and created content on your channel.

Ideas for content creation:

  • A new 'cover' version of a song that you wrote or that you represent, originally made popular by an artist
  • Anecdotes from memorable writing sessions
  • The story behind a song that you wrote or represent
  • Behind-the-scenes footage from the studio
  • Tutorials such as how to play your song or tips for successful co-writes
  • Production tips and how-tos
  • Behind-the-scenes footage from live performances
  • Q&As
  • Content highlighting different sides of your personality, like hobbies or interests
  • Collaborations with other YouTubers, including those outside of music

Tip: Consider using YouTube Shorts to tease upcoming content and releases.

Please note: all content on your YouTube channel must adhere to YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Make sure that you have the necessary content clearances for audio/video on demand content. If you are creating a live stream, click here to learn more about live streams on YouTube.